Wild water of Zakarpattia
Krayna main mission is to improve the health of the nation through the consumption of wild natural water and to create a culture
of careful attitude to natural resources.
benefits of wild water
ecological premium
brand "KRAYNA"

Leader in the Ukrainian water market
format of CO-BRAND, that includes
over 500 partner

Ecological premium
brand “Kraina”

Leader in the Ukrainian water market
in the format of CO-BRAND, that includes over 500 partners
Krayna most charged
for sport

0.88 l ungassed

Perfect shape and volume, like an athlete's – 0.88 l

The optimal pH level, in terms of the number of approaches, is 7.3

100% natural composition, 100% health

  0.33l ungazetted

 Comfortable mini-format

   Cap with dispenser

  For small hands of children, for coffee, in a purse
Way of water

No wonder KraYna is wild!
No one restricts it from the source to the bottle!

The mine is located in an environmentally clean area of Zakarpattia and spills directly at the source.

Everything is created by nature! The spring releases only the volume of water that naturally emerges to the surface under its own pressure.

The direct pouring method and the absence of artificial pumps in water extraction are the main principles of environmentally friendly work and a conscious approach to the environment in Krayna.

The first to touch the water from the spring is you! It undergoes no treatment. The water remains unchanged in its natural composition and structure, without preservatives and impurities.

Krayna pet 0.5 l

Naturally enriched with organic silicon, it has a low level of mineralization and salts. It does not contain preservatives and impurities.

choose your own
Krayna pet 1.5l

The format is for those whose daily water consumption is not just general advice but a regular part of life.

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Krayna for kids

100% natural composition, without preservatives and impurities. Convenient, compact, with a dispenser. And a fairy-tale illustration on the label will add a touch of mood.

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Sports format
0.88 l

A wild boost from the edge! For those who take proper care of themselves and support their water balance with a product of a lively composition.

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An elegant stainless steel canteen replaces around 40 plastic water bottles of 0.5 liters each. It advocates for ecology and enriches the body with silicon water from a mountain spring.

Bottle, steel, style
Eco-ideological, open, innovative
We not only open the doors to high-quality and delicious water for you but also invite you into the abode where it is born. Regularly, we conduct tours to the production facility, where,
accompanied by instrumental classical music, the water is poured, enriched with the right energy – sincere and genuine Krayna.
This place is situated in the heart of the recreational zone of Zakarpattia, surrounded by mountains and forests.
It will be inspiring; we have a lot to amaze you with!
Excursion to the Wild Water Plant in the Recreational Zone of Zakarpattia | KRAYNA

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